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Top 10 Music for 2019

It’s that time of year when I put out my list of music I’ve either discovered or rediscovered, filling my headphones or blasting the Alpine on the way to work. I make no apologies nor have any regrets as to the music contained here in. This is what I found either interesting, absurd, or simply

Oktoberfest and Festbier – A Lesson Learned

Long story short, always check your scale reading before measuring out grains or hops! Ok, now the medium length story. My son-in-law decided to throw an Oktoberfest party in his backyard this September and approached me about us doing a couple easy drinking, lower abv German beers for the party. We’ve got about three months

Beer of the Week – May 27th – The Brewing Projekt – Bounce Bounce Clap Clap

CreeeeeekkkkkkkK!!!!! Let me clear some of the dust off here. (sweep, sweep, sweep, *cough*). Going to try and get back on the horse and revive my Beer of the Week. It’s been over a year and someone recently mentioned how they enjoyed those (someone read my stuff!) so I feel compelled to bring it back.

“Bad Beer” – Gaining Tasting and Judging Experience

TL/DR Version: Helping at competitions will get you free beer to practice your tasting and judging skills. For those interested in learning more about beer, or becoming a BJCP Beer Judge, one of the best things to do is drink a lot of beer – thoughtfully. Not just what style it may be but looking