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Beer of the Week – June 2nd – Cigar City Brewing – Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Brown Ale

This one is coming out a little later this week as the missus and I have been in Milwaukee this last week to see the sights, hear the sounds, and taste the food and beer of Brew City, USA. One of the taprooms we stopped at was the MKE Brewing Ale House location in the

Beer of the Week – May 27th – The Brewing Projekt – Bounce Bounce Clap Clap

CreeeeeekkkkkkkK!!!!! Let me clear some of the dust off here. (sweep, sweep, sweep, *cough*). Going to try and get back on the horse and revive my Beer of the Week. It’s been over a year and someone recently mentioned how they enjoyed those (someone read my stuff!) so I feel compelled to bring it back.

Beer of the Week April 15th – Urban Growler – De-Lovely Porter

Urban Growler De-Lovely Porter

Sometimes us beer people can get a little… obsessed. Obsessed with finding the new hotness, the latest and greatest hop explosion, the most bitter, toasty, or highest alcohol content libation (made with malt) we can find. This week’s pick is none of those. This extended winter has kept me searching for more hardy beers, something

Beer of the Week April 8th – Southern Tier Thick Mint

Yes, another “gimmicky” beer this week. People keep making great gimmick beers, I’ll keep picking’ em! Although they make IPA’s and the occasional lager, Southern Tier is mostly known for its sweet, and highly alcoholic pumpkin beers, Pumking and Warlock, Creme Brûlée, and 2X Stout. This weeks choice follows the pattern already set. Part of