Oktoberfest and Festbier – A Lesson Learned

Long story short, always check your scale reading before measuring out grains or hops! Ok, now the medium length story. My son-in-law decided to throw an Oktoberfest party in his backyard this September and approached me about us doing a couple easy drinking, lower abv German beers for the party. We’ve got about three months

Dreadnought English Barleywine – Secondary and Onward

Dreadnought English Barleywine

After 11 days of primary fermentation, my Dreadnought is ready for secondary. Racked it into a glass carboy, gathering a total of 4.5 gallons off a e layer of trub at the bottom of the bucket 91 gallons worth). At the end of my brew day for this beer, I had a question about my

Brew Day: Dreadnought English Barleywine

Dreadnought English Barleywine

So I like to brew beers based on concepts or themes. Purple Drank (purple, glitter, malt liquor), Aiming Fluid (ESB, think pubs and darts), and Summer Sass Cream Ale (hot cinnamon and orange tea). One that’s been cruising around in the back of my head for a while is the Dreadnought Series. Dreadnoughts are large

Purple Drank – You Know You Wanna Try This…

Yep, I did it and don’t care. Butterfly pea flowers and glitter in the same beverage.