Top 10 Music for 2019

It’s that time of year when I put out my list of music I’ve either discovered or rediscovered, filling my headphones or blasting the Alpine on the way to work. I make no apologies nor have any regrets as to the music contained here in. This is what I found either interesting, absurd, or simply a joy to listen to over and over and over again throughout 2019.

Sunset Neon, Blue Stahli

On the horizon for a number of years now, Vaporwave is the collaboration between modern EDM and retro 80’s music. Most Vaporwave sounds like something from any 80’s soundtrack – doens’t matter the movie. It’s from the 80’s. Casio digital keyboards and a tinnny, compressed rock guitar and you’re off to the money making races!

Never Dance Again


I’m Afraid of Americans

After actively listening to a lot of music for most of my life, I’ve heard a lot of music. And a lot of covers. Listening to covers is interesting to me as it shows a few things. One: it’s was something someone decided to cover. If they decided to cover it, is it a decent, spirited, explorative cover? Does it provide a different view of the original or is it simply a money making grab because it sounds good? I love this particular version because I didn’t like the original to be honest. Bowie’s original was ok but it was an America-phobic rant from someone who, honestly, made most of their money from America. This group makes it their own and I believe their sentiment. And the deep grooving beat and English accents actually help to sell the disturbing message the song was originally meant to portray. I prefer this version by far.

Icona Pop (2 Fer)

I do love me some music that is made to just sounds like fun. I also love me some Icona Pop. I have to admit, I’m not sure why I’m drawn to Europop so much more than US pop. Simple, fun, no stupid political messages or agendas to push. These two ladies are just simple fun, no two ways about it. Yeah, I know I’m a 50+ year old white male but this shit is just fun to listen too. Fun to jam out while driving, and I really don’t care if someone catches me. I’m singing this every time it comes on in my vehicle or while I’m working.

Clap Snap



Blue Stahli

Had to wait 2 years for Blue Stahli to release the full version of this song after it was used in the background of a luxury car commercials for Lexus in 2017. Awesome African jungle beats with hard electro driving (get it) rhythm makes this one a really interesting scene setting mood piece.

Billie Elish (@ Fer – 2 Fer)

What is it about weird girls and music? Of course, weird is ok and right up my street. Billie has that right off the bat. Creepy, spooky, but also a sharp knowledge of who she is and what she wants to represent. Fun, creepy, depressing, irreverent, all can be used to describe her music and lyrics. Catchy, but spooky beats, help sell the slightly unnerving message she’s putting out. Smart. Affected. Talented. I’m in.

P.S. Look up her earlier stuff, she actually has a very pretty singing voice, it’s not all softly whispered, spoken word style vocals.

Bury a Friend

I’m the Bad Guy

Sucker For You

Back in 2006, I heard this song so catchy I couldn’t get enough of it. Poppy, light, fun, and imminently danceable. I wondered for the longest time who it was. Imagine may disappointment when I found out (thanks to Sound Hound) it was Justin Timberlake. Bringing Sexy Back was as song that made me realize two things: 1. OK, not all boy bands are trashy, untalented pop money makers. (something I used to loathe because I was a diehard metal fan), and 2. JT was fricken talented. I’ve known about, but not heard much, of the Jonas Brothers, but this song put me in that same mindset. Sorry pop boy bands, You can do some really cool songs. This is one of them.

Jonas Brothers

Sofi Tucker

Last year I featured these folks based on their edited version used in an Iwatch ad for Apple. Further exploration proves that they are much more interesting and not just a simple one-off performance group. Weird, yes (we covered earlier that I like weird), but very talented, Europop and Brazilian influences mark a departure from regular EDM music. Of course their unique, theatrical videos support the free wheeling Euro/electro musical style, both performers are talented in many areas which seems to make for a very balanced mix of art and music.

Not since 2012 have I listed more that two songs for a single act/artist (Vol Beat) and I feel these two are deserved of the respect to get more than 2 listings on my charts. Such is the variation and fun on their music.



Best Friend

The HU – Yuve Yuve Yu

Heavy metal, Mongolian string rock. Yes, It’s a thing, and it’s fricken glorious. Wait til you see the old Chinese metal guys!

DVBBS & Borgeous – TSUNAMI

I listen to my music, while working at my desk, on a pair of 20 year old Sony MDR-V600 cans. Great range and still holding up after 20+ years. This song is a great rave pumper that makes my cans jump off my head like a kangaroo at an all nighter for a Teisto concert.


God Bless Video (Throw Back Song)

You know those moments where you get a melody or riff in your head and can’t figure out where you heard it? I’m old. I remember the Night Flight Video nights on the USA Network. I remember the day MTV went live and watched the first video, “Video Killed the Radio Star” by the Buggles. I also remember/don’t remember the intervening 20 years of music entertainment after that. This is one that, while I remember the song, I don’t remember there being a video to go with it. Doesn’t mean it wasn’t a great song/video. l love finding old stuff like this. matches the “Go For A Soda” by Kim Mitchell I featured a few years ago.

Ahhh, the old days…

Bit-O-Trivia: Yngwie Malmsteen was their original guitarist, who was replaced just before this video by Stevie Via